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Wine cellar from 1177

The Mönchhof winery in Ürzig is one of the oldest wineries on the Moselle. Pope Alexander III In 1177 confirmed the ownership of the vineyards in Ürzig to the Himmerod Cistercian Abbey. At this time, the monks built the vaulted cellar that still exists today. The current winery building dates from 1509. The Eymael family auctioned the winery at an auction in Paris after the secularization under Napoleon (1804).

Ürzig, with its well-known first-class locations in Ürziger Würzgarten and on the outskirts of the Erdener Treppchen, as well as the rarity of the Erden Prälat, is a household name for wine connoisseurs. These old locations are still largely planted with root-proof vines. Ürzig lies on a long bend in the Moselle. The steep slopes descending towards the river offer the Riesling wines the best growing conditions: numerous hours of sunshine, long sunshine, almost perfect slope, stony slate soils and the resulting microclimate.

The Mönchhof winery has remained true to its motto: Nothing but Riesling. The wines have now found their fan base not only in Germany, but also in the USA, Russia and China. Numerous awards at home and abroad by wine critics: e.g. Parker and mentions in well-known wine guides: e.g. Eichelmann prove that Mönchhof is the epitome of German Riesling from the Moselle.

The oenologist and manager Philippe Conzen today ensures that handed down traditions and the knowledge of modernity are reflected in the wines. Modern Riesling from old terroir!

  • Ürziger Würzgarten

  • Erdener Treppchen

  • Erdener Prälat